Digital Imaging.

Today we got briefed on our new unit, Digital Imaging.

Welcome to the second decade of the 21st century! But, how will we remember the first one, often referred to as ‘The Noughties?’

Invariably, at the turning of a decade, the media is filled with a lot of retrospection about the developments and happenings over the past ten years, and recollections of seminal moments in time. In the UK, the 1960’s for example, were identified with the era of free love, women’s lib, the pill, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to name but a few occurrences. By comparison, the ‘70’s were typified by social unrest, three-day weeks and Glam Rock, whilst the ‘80’s epitomised an age of self-interest and greed. Conversely, the1990’s denoted a growing awareness and regard for the planet and green issues, but what of ‘The Noughties?’ How might the first decade of the 21st century be perceived?

Within the forthcoming week, you are required to undertake research and enquiry relating to the question,

‘What seminal advances, occurrences, and developments occurred in ‘The Noughties?’

Your enquiry should be explored world-wide relating to any of the following chosen areas, although it is suggested that you select one domain to focus on within the time-frame of the unit..







Straight away i new that it was Environmental that i wanted to look further into, it's something i've always been interested in and cared about since a young age and in the last decade it has been impossible to escape talk of carbon emissions, recycling and the need to change before it is too late.

this mind map show's my first thoughts-

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