Endangered Spices & the IUCN Red List.

so pretty quickly i decided that it was endangered species that was the part of environmental that i wanted to look at, since being really young i've had a passion for animals and quite an extensive knowledge on many of them i also think it's sad that if they continue to decline and become extinct that younger generations won't get to enjoy some of the amazing species the world has to offer.

Linking this in with that past decade i will look at in particular ones that had become more or less endangered through the 'noughties' As there is so many different species with in each of the categories of bird's, mammals, amphibians and reptiles etc that i have choose to narrow it down to mammals.

To get more information on success stories and species that moved higher up on the Red List this past decade i sent an email enquiring the following:


I'm currently starting a university project In which i plan to look at endangered species, in particular mammals over the last decade.

i was hoping you could enlighten me on any success stories, or any that have moved up on the list in the last decade

this would be such a great help to me so anything would be greatly appreciated

thank you

hoping i will get a reply soon but until then i started to look at some species i knew were endangered from looking at the IUCN website check it out here it's pretty interesting.

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