Loretta Lynn

Admittedly I am not a country and western fan and also not knowing who Loretta Lynn is, I’ve decided the best place to start would be to research into the genre and then into the life and background of Loretta Lynn.

This was coherent with the rest of our group and we plan to meet soon and discuss what we find out.

Born Loretta Webb in Butcher holler a small coal mining community in Kentucky, her mother a housewife caring for her and seven other siblings, her farther a coal minor, storekeeper and farmer. She became Loretta Lynn after marrying Oliver Lynn otherwise known as ‘Doolittle’ when she was barely fourteen to the disapproval of her parents. He was then to escape the coal mining life to Custer, Washington where Loretta later joined him in 1951 at the age of sixteen and by the time she was nineteen she was a full time mother with four children.

Always having a passion for music form a young age it was only after her husband brought her a guitar as an anniversary present and encouraged her to sing in public that her music career took off, in the early 1960s she starting playing in local bars and clubs and then later with a band The Trailblazers including one of her brothers. Loretta then appeared on a televised talent contest, which was seen by Norm Burley who was so in impressed he decided founder of zero records just to record her, with the help from him and Don Grashey president of the record label a recording session was set up.

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